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So what is Splash Club?

We really wanted to create something special for our Ana Mero Swim community, we didn't want to name our family something .This club was made to bring the AMS community closer by creating fun events and activities while feeling like we are all VIP members!

What's so exclusive?

When you purchase SC lounge, you are automatically entered in a raffle for our main summer Splash Club pool party here in our home state Cali (invite only). This is the only event we have that is JUST for lounge buyers and will receive a golden RSVP ticket in the mail if they have won the raffle (and yes you get a plus one!). At the party members will be able to obtain a exclusive T-shirt that will never be sold or distributed anywhere else. Plus feel like they are at an influencer event complete with food and music <3 There will be other many events for Ana Mero Swim that will be open to everyone! The Splash Club Pool Party is the ONLY exclusive one!

How to become a member of Splash Club,

BEACH you are Splash Club, being part of our community is more than just purchasing. Being a small business support is felt from everywhere, whether you have liked, posted, commented, followed, or purchased, ALL engagement has shown us love. We're a family, it's great to grow with you!



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