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Who is the iAMSgirl

YOU babe! You are an iAMSgirl

"I just want to create a community of bad ass women who all support each other. I hate how other brands use our insecurities as a way to market. They show us an IT girl and we think "I want to be her." Why not create marketing that speaks to our empowerment? Being an iAMSgirl isn't about what you look like, it's about what you empower in yourself and share it with others. We are all fucking bad ass, we are all iAMSgirls!"

Founder Ana Mero speaking during the creation of iAMSgirl trademark


So what does it take to call yourself an iAMSgirl? It takes you babe.

Believing in you and feeling empowered starts with you, when you find it, share it and empower others too.

Some qualities an iAMSgirl has

- She has a sense of self confidence. She knows what she's about and uses it to achieve what she wants because she knows her self worth and is determined to reach her own success.

- She has presence. You know when she is there because her confidence and charisma radiates.

-She is personable. She is kind and approachable but knows when to stand her ground. She helps and advocates for those around her.

- She is authentic. She expresses herself with an assurance of who she is and doesn't apologize for it. Doesn't take shit from anyone who judges her.

- She empowers others. She always wants to uplift and support others around her!

Here's to the iAMSgirls!

Much Love,

Rachel from AMS Marketing



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