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Spring Make Up Trends We're Eyeing

This Spring we are really picking up on the pastel and glass skin


It feels like we all have to try to the pastel eye trend at least once. There are three pastel looks we have on our radar. The first, a mix of pastels. We are loving the dreamy mix of color that is both fun and trendy. Second is a bold eye catching cat eye in one pastel color. It really draws attention to the eyes and gives a statement to any look. We are thinking a of the pastel green and a nude chocolate matte lip! The last look we want to try is a monochrome look. A really pretty pastel pink eye, cheek, and lip, something really fun and flirty!

Where to find Pastel products (that we know of)

X Ulta

X Morphe

X Colourpop

X If you know any small businesses that sell pastel eyeshadow please tag them!


The secret to glass skin is a great skincare routine. The real secret is that we may be guilty of not following up with our skincare routines lol Before you begin your glass skin makeup look we definitely recommend washing and prepping your face with serums and moisturizers (this will hydrate your skin to give a really good base for the next steps). Ana Mero likes to use the Future Dew serum from glossier over her face before going in with a light concealer and water based liquid foundation. To highlight your T zone use a smooth finish highlighter or creme based stick. Using a creme blush, lightly blend into the apples of your cheeks and eyelids. Finish with a feathered brow, mascara, and glossed lip!

Products we use

X Glossier Future Dew Serum

X Fenty Match Stix

X Nude Cosmetics Gloss

X Peach Bellini Body Butter by Huas of B (the percect body glow to go with your glass skin)

Always Love,

Ana Mero



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