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Why shop Ana Mero Swim

We get it, sometimes we want to support small businesses or new brands but have some questions or hesitations. We made this post to give you insight to our brand and some frequently asked questions!

Lets lay it all out

We know we have a great product because we spent over a year developing the best fabric and designs to ensure our brand is created with our priorities (quality, high end fabric, ethically made, with a sustainable future). We have taken part in the ROLE foundation with our manufacturer to provide opportunities for women with Baliwise in the workplace as well as contribute to Zero Waste Management Program. What does this mean for us as a brand? A portion of our initial costs goes to this foundation which in turn makes our cost per unit higher. When we price our swim we take these factors and more into consideration

1. Fair pay and ethical manufacturing, our team is more than just us (head 4). It is the people who create, collaborate, ship, help, and more. Their work is equally as important and we want to ensure they acquire adequate pay and opportunity.

2. Quality fabric that stands the test of time. We didn't want to make something you would buy and have rip or fade after a few uses. We wanted to give you a classic foundation that will always be there for you until you're ready to recycle

3. Small batch (we create small collections at a time to avoid mass production which in return increases our price per unit. I know right, "if you're making less, you should pay less" we thought the same too. But in the field of manufacturing, companies only decrease price with more product you order, when you order less than the MOQ you are charged more. That is okay because we want to guarantee a life for our swim with you and after you (recycling program coming soon!) We follow our statistics to determine how much to produce so we can make sure we don't overproduce)

4. sustainable future, we invest in more than just our brand. With partners like ROLE & Zero Waste we also invest in the future of our planet

5. Customers satisfaction. Without you we wouldn't be a brand. We strive to design and create pieces that will make you happy, but more importantly make you feel like that BEACH! You got it babe!

We know our prices are luxury, but we believe our pieces are worth it. We know with your help we can grow and thrive in a sustainable future as a brand while continuing to donate and fund more passion projects (and looking cute doing it!)

Okay So Why

We get it, small brands can be hard to trust. After all, you spend your hard earned dollars on products you really want to stand by. You're probably thinking, "the suits are probably cheap material bought from a wholesale boutique?" Nope. We stand by quality and own our designs.The founder Ana Mero spent so much time creating fabric and shapes that everyone would love. "Okay so why are your pieces on sale?" Our reason is simple and pure; we want your trust. Our products mean nothing if you aren't loving it and we want you to join our Ana Mero Fam! "Okay, but why can't we return?" We don't accept returns just exchanges (ie size change) at the moment for two reasons. 1, We want to be as safe as possible during COVID and limit the times our swim is shipped and touched. When we receive an item back for exchange we MUST quarantine it and sanitize it in our steam box 100% BEFORE it goes back for sale. 2, Hygiene. Because swim is also considered the same as intimates in retail we don't accept returns to avoid any problems involving your well being :) (more information on exchanges when checking out and on our website).

What is the fabric like? How does it fit?

Ana Mero knew she wanted the fabric to be flattering, she always had issues with bikini fit being too loose or thin which caused the swimsuit to roll down. Her solution was to blend post consumer nylon (nylon that other companies were throwing out) and spandex with a tight nit stitch, double lining, and flex tap to create a textured fabric that both hugs and stretches. Ana Mero Swim is made to give you the best hug of your life & don't worry she doesn't squeeze, she is super comfy! We think the expression is "fits like a glove" but don't take our word, our customers agree!

Bottom Line

We wouldn't put ourselves out there to disappoint. We care about our Ana Mero Fam and strive for a brighter, bigger future not only for our brand but also for our Earth. Hope you enjoy our swimwear

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

With So Much Love,

The Ana Mero Swim Team



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